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The Advantages of Taking the Tour to Komodo Island

Komodo Island is located in southeast Nusa island, in 2009 there was around 13,000 Komodo there. Since Komodo is one of the extinct animals, their habitats there are in pure nature and Komodo is only able to be found there. A lot of people think that there was a direct flight to go to Komodo Island, but actually, the nearest airport to go to Komodo island is in Labuan Bajo. So we have to book or find a Komodo island boat tour from Labuan Bajo because Labuan Bajo is like “an entrance gate” to get to flores island tours. Actually, we can go there by ourselves or we can simply find a tour, here are some advantages that we will get if decided to book a tour instead :

several ways Boat tour of the island of Komodo from Labuan Bajo

1. It will make us easier
We just need to book the tour and the company will handle everything, we will just simply go and everything is ready

2. The tour sometimes offers discount
The company most of the time offers a lot of discounts, especially when we book it in a huge amount

3. We can get the information from the expert
Usually, there will be the tour guide who will tell us about the places that we are going to visit—Komodo Island in this case. They sometimes will tell us about some things that other people who do not take tour do not know

4. No need to worry about accommodation
One of the advantages to choose Komodo island boat tour from Labuan Bajo is, we do not need to worry about the things that we need to enjoy the places. Just need to sit and relax and everything is ready

5. We can know and visit the hidden spot of the places
It has been mentioned above that there will be a tour guide that will tell us about the story of the places, the tour guide must have known the places very well. It is very possible to ask them about some hidden gems to them

It is definitely better for us to book Komodo island boat tour from Labuan Bajo in advance, just in case the accommodations are fully booked. Actually another make sense reason to book the tour is, Komodo island has some rules that we really need to obey in order to keep us save. When we book the tour, hopefully, something bad will not happen too.