Our gallery is very unique and one-of-a-kind and Our collection is one of kind

most of our collection was hidden away by Jacqueline Picasso from Picasso illegitimate children and not seen by the rest of the world. We have oil painting / artwork for the top and big artists from around the world in our private collection. Some painting come with full provenance and some come with part provenance & each painting has amazing story of it’s own.
All of the paintings we have in our private collections are original oil paintings done by the artist and signed by the artist and unseen by the rest of the world. The art market today is like a monopoly game. And many underworld art secrets that is unknown to the public and art experts. In our gallery you will discover some shocking news about our paintings and the history & facts behind them, our gallery will offer Limited edition prints for the oil paintings / artwork in our private collections and the original's would not be offered for sale
We have unseen Picasso oil painting & many other oil painting for top artist from around the world and most of them was close good friends with artist Picasso I believe we have some of the most important paintings that was in the Private collection of the artist Picasso himself and his wife Jacqueline Picasso Private collection after her husband death in 1973. Like Joan. Miro/ F. Leger / G.Braque / W. Lam / G. Rouault / Pierre Renoir / Van Gogh / E. Degas. we also have unseen oil paintings and artwork for many more other artists. Most of my Picasso paintings have the authentication that was done by the artist Picasso himself and his wife Jacqueline in the artist Barcelona Museum that was opened 1963 in Spain and in “1982 by his wife Jacqueline Picasso and with help of few gallery owners in the 1980s for most of our private collections would show some artwork images and the story of one Paintings that would change Picasso history as art experts know it, one of kind art discovery that would be registered in the history as the biggest art discovery in the world. we welcome any DNA/forensic examination and fingerprints testing for Authentication and exact science can confirm the Authentication of the artwork. Opposite opinions can exist. The signature, style and composition of the work seems absolutely correct and are similar to the pieces with authenticity and provenance that is seen in other gallerias and museums or sold in big auctioneers around the world our painting has the titles and date that was only known to Jacqueline Picasso and here husband the artist Picasso. one amazing painting would revel secret that was only known to Picasso and his wife ONLY.

"Jacqueline Picasso Hidden Treasure"
​( Suicide or Murder ) ( Fake or Fortune )

Amazing art discovery and big art collection that was hidden away by the famous artist Picasso and his wife Jacqueline Picasso.

The art market today is like a Monopoly game. There is an underworld of art secrets unknown to the public and many art experts around the world.

art collection was hidden away by the famous artist Picasso and his wife Jacqueline Picasso to keep them away from the hands of his illegitimate children, who today are in charge of the authentication certificates for the artist Picasso’s artwork.

This art collection is unique and has never been seen by anyone in the art world. Now, in this book,